Can your brand story get featured in a top publication like Forbes? Since Forbes caters to a client base comprising almost 150 million readers a month, this can be an excellent platform for your brand.

What can a feature on Forbes mean for your business? To start with, it would significantly enhance brand image and industry reputation. If you have “as seen in” mentioned with your Forbes feature, can you imagine how that would catapult your brand in the market?

Businesses associate publications like Forbes with all the big corporations, big businesses, and billionaires, so even if your company can get a minor feature in it, that can work wonders for your brand image. 

How to ensure your brand gets featured on Forbes:

As an entrepreneur, you need to ensure maximum exposure ands coverage for your business. While there may be many social media platforms and mainstream media to do this for you, none can do it better than publications like Forbes magazine. It is still a dream for most businesses.

Forbes typically covers interesting and unique stores; they are not keen on product launches and regular press releases. But, if you can find a digital PR agency to help you, it’s possible to pitch your story to them. PR experts know the tricks and strategies to get featured on Forbes.

Getting featured on Forbes is nothing short of striking gold as far as businesses are concerned. But getting it done without help can be challenging. This is where a reputed and experienced digital PR agency can help. 

When your brand gets top-tier media placement, it improves your credibility. A third party vouches for your company, and consumers tend to trust these top-tier outlets. Now, ensure your homepage gets updated; include that outlet’s logo where you had been featured. The logo is typically placed in a “Featured On” portion as a badge of honor. Start adding links to the placement on your site’s press page to drive more traffic to the feature.

PR is not just press releases, media appearances, and press conferences. It includes social media appearances, such as maintaining company blogs, Facebook and Twitter pages, etc. If you can find a digital PR agency to assist you, it’s possible to get experts capable of handling every aspect of your PR campaign. This entails hiring trained individuals, which means high costs to pay for them. This saves precious time and money and allows you can focus on critical business matters.

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