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“Why should I trust you?”

Spoken out loud or not, that’s usually the first and the most important objection your potential customers have when engaging with your business. Knowing that our online environment is notoriously over-cluttered allowing numberless brands aggressively sell us stuff and ideas, 24/7 – you can’t really blame them.

It’s true, you have a great set of products or services, and a brand worth following. But if you just say it, you’re no different than hundreds (or thousands] of brands saying the identically same thing.

How do you make your brand stand out and prove its trustworthiness? How do you get people to know who you are and what your business stands for… when you have neither the time nor the resources to do it yourself?

Meet PR
The way it was meant to be

Meet PR - The way it was meant to be

Imagine being able to obtain massive, highly targeted exposure for your brand. Now, imagine the same exposure not only attracting a stream of qualified leads but also providing undeniable proof of your brand’s authority and trustworthiness.

How much easier would it be to engage with your target audience, if they already knew your business is 100% legit and capable of delivering exactly what they are looking for?

Our hard-earned insider expertise, unique industry insights, and a far-reaching network of media connections can give you an answer… and a few other things:

Not all press Is good press

We are a PR agency and digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles that believes in delivering results rather than relying on fairy tales. Over the years, we've built a treasury of insider-level insights ad tools which we use to help you achieve the desired PR exposure across different channels.

To establish an omnipotent, indisputable online authority and credibility for your brand, we rely on proven-to-work techniques and processes. To ensure our service is as time and cost-efficient as possible, we customize them according to your specific needs.

Why choose S99 Agency?
We deliver, always

Why choose S99 Agency? We deliver, always

Use the force of highly-targeted PR to
Expand your Brand's reach and exposure


Choose your

We identify the publications and relevant media outlets and types of articles that will ensure the highest ROI.


Focus on

We approach the selected, relevant media outlets and pitch your brand and the story that goes with it.


Fine-tune for
max impact

Together, we craft superbly effective PR articles, before optimizing them to meet the highest industry standards.


Close leads
with ease

Soon, your PR articles will have established undeniable brand authority, making sales easier than ever.

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Make the most of our insider expertise
All of your PR dilemmas - resolved

Of course! You can choose from over 400+ online publications, including many top-tier media outlets. This way, you can focus the efforts on the most relevant publications for your business, potentially engaging with tens of thousands of qualified leads. We can provide suggestions on which media outlets to target if you’d like us to.
Yes! We target only the publications that you are interested in. We have access to more than 400+ online publications to choose from.  
If 90 days pass from the time of engagement and we have not secured your placement, you can request a full refund. Note – placement can be secured for a future date beyond 90 days if the publication is put in the queue for a future release. 
Absolutely! We will go through up to two rounds of revisions with you before moving to publish. 
Each brand story is unique. Our team will give you guidance on the best topic for your publication. That can range from a general announcement, new product or service or discussing features and benefits of your brand.
We generally need three things to get the process started; a topic, your business information, and any collateral that you might be able to provide for the article, e.g. images, quotes, social media links, etc. 
Yes! Once the article is published you can include the “As seen on…” moniker on your brand assets. 
S99 Agency is your a-to-z solution to skyrocketing your online’s brand influence and business metrics. Depending on your exact goals and challenges, we can help you unleash the full power of Instagram – or create an endless stream of quality leads coming to your fully optimized website.

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