Do you know that almost 90% of your buyers will check your online brand image before buying from you? That just tells you how important it is to keep your brand reputation clean and spotless.

So, if there’s something wrong with your online reputation that is clearly impacting your brand image, you need to correct it before it spins out of control. This is what managing an online brand reputation is all about. 

Quick tips to manage online reputation:

Now, you may wonder, should you do this by yourself? You can do online reputation management ORM independently; but, it’s best to take help from the best in the business. A company that has been doing this knows the ins and outs of it and can direct you in the most efficient way.

Brand reputation management involves monitoring how buyers perceive your brand and taking necessary action to enhance and tweak the image. Today, this is mostly about protecting your brand’s image on social media channels, review sites, and Google.

  1. Audit: Without regularly assessing your brand as a buyer, you can’t figure out whether it’s interacting correctly with your clients. When you know where the loopholes and problems are, you can figure out solutions to improve and resolve them.
  2. Review commentary: Are negative comments about your brand all that you should worry about? Not really, because social discussion about it on social media platforms and online forums plays a key role in impacting your presence online. Social media is a place where one can post almost anything that he wants to and you can be certain that will reach out to millions in a matter of minutes. You don’t want to become a victim of poor social media management and lose out on prospective leads! The trick is to monitor online discussions about your brand and identify the negative comments being made. Once you know what they are, you can control the narrative before things go south.
  3. Set targets: Once you have audited the chatter online, you create goals. A personalized ORM strategy is a must because brands can never have identical goals and positions. The topmost priority is to resolve negative comments. A professional with experience in brand reputation management can help you understand your present situation and guide you to achieve these goals.
  4. Prioritize ORM: Fulfilling reputation management goals can be done by optimizing PR strategy, posting relevant and fresh content, and upgrading customer services. That won’t happen overnight and you must manage your resources well to avoid overshooting the budget.
  5. Response strategy: Without this, you can’t fulfill your goals. This means that every time there’s a negative comment, you must respond to it. It can be urgent or not-so-urgent. The latter is usually a positive comment which has little impact on the reputation. But an urgent comment can be devastating unless resolved.
  6. Have conversations: If you can encourage and participate in online discussions about your brand, you can boost relatability and reliability. It helps to establish trust. Asking your customers to share feedback or review a product is a great way to build long-lasting ties with them.

These are easy ways to manage your brand reputation online and make sure you retain your existing customers and attract new prospects. Remember, reputation management and PR are no longer concerns for big businesses only. With almost 70% of shoppers starting their search for a product on Google, the smallest of businesses cannot afford to risk being shown as untrustworthy.

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