Your LA startup may be up and running, but are you ready to share your story with the rest of the world?  A PR company can help you put yourself out there. So, when you feel that the timing is right, go ahead and start looking for a PR company in Los Angeles.

Once you start promoting your brand on your own, you will soon realize that pitching and tracking media responses and replying to tricky journalist queries isn’t as easy as you thought. For a budding entrepreneur like yourself, a reputed and experienced PR agency can be a godsend.

7 things you should consider before hiring a PR company in LA:

  1. Compatibility: You have to consider the PR company to be an extension of your in-house marketing team. Constant communication is a must and you will need to trust them with sensitive tasks and information. So, you must share a solid chemistry with them. Find out what values they represent, and whether these align with your business’s core values. Check their reputation, and credibility, and ask yourself whether you can work with them comfortably.
  2. Expertise: The agencies you have shortlisted must have domain experience and expertise. Without this, they cannot have a solid understanding of the competitive landscape and market that will impact your campaigns. Only a PR firm that has been doing such work successfully for many years will have a super-efficient staff of seasoned PR professionals who can come up with high-end strategies that are sure to work.
  3. Customizability: It’s wrong to choose a PR firm in LA just because it’s big and boasts a large clientele. Size doesn’t make a difference when the company understands your business goals. They should have the resources to offer solutions that are suited to your company’s end goals. Look for firms offering tailor-made PR programs to take your business to new heights.
  4. Networking: In today’s age, location shouldn’t be a criterion for choosing a PR agency. The more important factor to consider is how well-connected the company is. It should ideally have a wide network of partnerships with stakeholders and key influencers. This ensures that you have access to a large network of relationships even in the future. 
  5. Goals: Consider your business goals before deciding on a PR agency. There’s no one-size-fits-all PR program for everyone; choose a firm that can offer you a wide range of services. You should be able to customize your programs, taking into account your end goals. The programs may need to be tweaked from time to time.
  6. Accountability: It’s important to measure success and this can be done through analytics alone. Choose a PR agency that can offer you daily, weekly or monthly reports on your campaign’s progress. This will tell you how effectively media outlets are promoting your brand across all platforms.
  7. Payments: The budget, of course, is one of the key factors for consideration when choosing a PR agency in Los Angeles. For these services, you are likely to be charged monthly retainer fees for hours used. Before you agree to any fee, make sure you understand how the hours are going to be used and how these will be tracked. Find out what the additional charges will be if you exceed your time limit. You don’t want to get caught up in a situation mid-way where you find you have to pay almost twice to the agency to finish the project!

The timing needs to be just right for signing up with a PR firm. If you have plans of launching a new product or business or want a rebranding, look for PR agencies.

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